“Cargo” by Anne de Giafferri, Christian Delecluse

  • ©, Anne de Giafferri and Christian Delecluse, Cargo



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Artist Statement:

    Concert/Sound Event, La Station – Gare des Mines, May 21

    Anne de Giafferri & Christian Delecluse, ISEA2023 selected artists, in the North building of La Station – Gare des Mines.

    Immersive and interactive sound experience by Anne de Giafferri and Christian Delécluse which immerses the visitor in a multitude of stories and landscapes and takes him on unique trajectories, to meet Figures of mobility in the Mediterranean…

    Political exiles, missionary and religious pilgrimages, mass tourism, economic exchanges, commuting or temporary professional and family trips, returning home… Mobility in the Mediterranean is marked by the crossing of political and symbolic borders. What destinies are at stake in these contemporary migrations? ‍
    Cargo is an immersive and interactive sound journey that immerses the visitor in a multitude of stories and takes him on the singular trajectories of emblematic Figures of migration: the Negafa, the Wandering, the Religious, the Patient, the Student, the Absence.


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