Carlos Gárate Marquerie: SUB

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Artist Statement:

    SUB is a sound performance that aims, by exploring the acoustic activity of the underground, to make audible sound spectra that normally go unnoticed. With ?SUB Carlos tries to explore the sounds of the Anthropocene, the geological epoch that follows the Holocene. In this era ?humans have become the most relevant geological force on Earth.? Human activity has irreversibly changed the composition of the atmosphere, the oceans and even the Earth’s crust. The causes of this scenario can be found in the physical infrastructure of capitalism: big cities, industrial complexes, massive transport systems, etc… Carlos considers that this infrastructure produce acoustic activity on the underground, a space that vibrates and where the sounds of natural origin of immense scale such as earthquakes and the rotation of the Earth itself melt with the sounds produced by the human activities. Sounds that are projected to the underground and are an unmistakable sign of the Anthropocene. Carlos also tries to put in connection the ability of the Earth to create and process sonic energy and to question reality beyond human’s perception as well as th need of digital software ot understand things that are bigger than us.



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