Carsten Nicolai: rota

  • ©2009, Carsten Nicolai, rota
  • ©2009, Carsten Nicolai, rota



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    rota, considered as an experimental work, combines scientific research with artistic production. The installation deals with the effects of audiovisual stimulation on human perception by  creating a stroboscopic visual effect which, depending on the rotation speed, produces changing frequencies of flickering light pulses that are also transformed into sound. According to scientific research these pulses can have a direct effect on the brain waves of the spectator causing neural feedback that can simulate different types of mental states like trance, meditation, relaxation and stress. The dream and mind machines in particular, developed by Brion Gysin during the 1950s beatnik era, which apparently produced alpha waves to expand human consciousness, were the inspiration for rota. The construction presents an experimental set-up that allows viewers to experience in what way light pulses might effect their own brain activity and if special functions of the brain – like relaxation, attention, learning potential and hence creativity – might potentially be controllable.

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