“Les Xons” by Cecile Babiole

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    Les Xons

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Artist Statement:

    The XONS are a tribe of diminutive skeletons that come in all sorts of monstrous and comical shapes and sizes. They move about frenetically and play tricks on one another amidst the flames of hell.

    The saga of Les Xons tells of their loves and their games, the battles they wage and the children they beget, the epidemics that wipe them out and their miracle cures, the fuel that keeps them going…on their planet of fire.

    There are many different XONS : One-Armed Goliath, Lady Lambchop, Torototem, Homo Longus, Baby Boom, Spidergirl, Bibendame, the germs Minus and Virus and the Simplus cousins are a boisterous bunch as it is, but the family’s growing by leaps and bounds, for XONS know all sorts of unorthodox methods of reproduction.

    The moment they move an inch, XONS make a horrifying hullabaloo. Even their slightest gestures scrape, bang and rattle to generate a frenetic beat, which is what makes Les Xons series a musical, too.

    Pilot 1 : CRAC – CRAC (“SHTUP – SHTUP”) (length : 40”) enlightens us as to the probable genesis of the planet of the XONS : viz. a quickie.

    Pilot 2 : BASTON (“ROUGH-AND-TUMBLE”) (length : 1’) shows us how Minus, Baby-Boom’s son, goads and eventually tussles with Legless Cripple-On-Wheels.

    Apart from those two pilots the saga was not produced


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  • 1992 Babiole Les Xons
  • 1992 Babiole Les Xons
  • 1992 Babiole Les Xons
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