“Chiroptera_Domus” by Daniel Wayne Miller

  • ©, Daniel Wayne Miller, Chiroptera_Domus
  • ©, Daniel Wayne Miller, Chiroptera_Domus



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Artist Statement:

    Chiroptera_Domus, which is Latin for Bat house, seeks to merge a functional habitat with an expressive art form. A pair of Heterodyne Bat Detectors mounted to a roof of a custom-built bat house, mounted on the roof of the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History, listen for the ultra sonic signals of bats feeding and navigating the local vicinity. Detected signals are recorded and played back randomly as a sound composition during the exhibition. The Bat Detectors use the heterodyne principle to monitor bat echolocations. The detectors can be tuned to monitor frequencies from 10kHz to 130kHz. The detector inputs inaudible high frequency ultrasound and converts it to frequencies between 100Hz and 12kHz that are in a range humans can hear. The bat detectors microphones have been mounted onto a pair of poles with weather resistant housings. Since the ultrasonic signals being monitored are highly directional the microphone poles use servomechanisms to pan slowly from left to right scanning the vicinity in different directions.


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