“Enquire Within Upon Everybody” by Chris Rodley, Andrew Burrell

  • ©, Chris Rodley and Andrew Burrell, Enquire Within Upon Everybody


    Enquire Within Upon Everybody

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Artist Statement:

    Excuse me, does anyone know … ? With millions of people sharing the most intimate details of their lives on social media, online data streams have become vast repositories of thoughts and emotions. This work invites audiences in Sydney and Darwin to dive head-first into this river of social data, submitting questions on any subject and seeing them answered by the data stream in a form of modern-day bibliomancy. The answers might not be what you wanted to hear, but they might just be what you wanted to say. Enquire Within Upon Everybody is part of an ongoing series of collaborative works between hybrid media artist Andrew Burrell and writer Chris Rodley which explore the poetics of search: the creative possibilities of filtering and recombining online data through search queries … inciting questions about the un/reliability of digital information and the im/possibility of uniqueness in networked environments, where almost everything we want to say is always, already being said by someone else.


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