“City Paths” by Dorothy Ka Chung Wong, Ka Hei Chung, Shi Hang Pan

  • ©, Dorothy Ka Chung Wong, Ka Hei Chung, and Shi Hang Pan, City Paths


    City Paths

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Projection Mapping Installation

Artist Statement:

    City Paths is paced with a rapid rhythm, reflecting the busy atmosphere, sights and sounds of Hong Kong: the scene of busy traffic, with its streets teeming with people and the noise of the traffic buzzing in the air. To represent this unique atmosphere, we transformed the pulsating energies of Hong Kong into geometric lines and flows. With the rhythm of the waves in the foreground, the strong and straight silhouette of ICC tower becomes soft. Therefore the tower becomes a mirror that reflects the flowing waves of Victoria Harbor, and also a corridor that connects the sea and the sky.