Claude Gaçon: Gaçon Schaft Ordnung 1-99, Version X

  • ©, Claude Gaçon, Gaçon Schaft Ordnung 1-99, Version X


    Gaçon Schaft Ordnung 1-99, Version X

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Artist Statement:

    There is a database with descriptions and images of spherical Objects. The visitor can consult this database an create an almost infinite quantity of relationships between the Objects. For ten years I have constructed and collected balls. I chose the simplest type to begin with, an exploratory vehicle towards a new form of sculpture. In 1989, during by exhibition Gaçon Schaft Ordnung in the Schedhalle in Zürich, I began describe and classify these spheres using a computer. When taking into account these different classifications, the variety of criteria, and the physical aspect of the Objects in contrast to their digitized counterparts, the concrete begins to blends with the indescribable.


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