Compagnie Magali, Didier Mulleras: Mini@tures-Phase 2

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    Mini@tures-Phase 2

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Artist Statement:

    Miniatures is a new concept of contemporary video-dance, coming from France, originally designed for the web as a dance-on-line project. French choreographers Magali & Didier Mulleras, and Nicolas Grimal (multimedia) have created in 1998 this weird and unruly little cyber-baby, born of Dance, Digital Images and New Technologies. Their dance writing is a melt-ing-pot of various influences and styles, for which they have fun to mix, and mix again. Using their web site and various techniques like CD-Rom and video, they give dance a brand new dimension. The Mulleras Dance Company will present the two actual phases of their project: multimedia achievements of phase 1 during the Symposium and a stage performance of phase 2 at the Divan du Monde.

    • Choreography, direction: Magali & Didier Mulleras
    • Technical direction, scenography, light: Nicolas Grimal
    • Original music : Didier Mulleras
    • Dancers : Severine Prunera, Elizabeth Martinez-Nicol, Magali Viguier-Mulleras & Didier Mulleras.
    • Co-production: Theatre de Beziers and Theatre de Grasse

    With the support of: Ville de Beziers, Region Languedoc-Roussillon, Ministere de la Culture – Drat LR, Conseil General de l’Herault. A Telerama event.


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