“Concert for Computer-Orchestra” by Julius Ament, Students at Groningen’s Music Conservatory

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    Concert for Computer-Orchestra

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    16 Atari-ST-computers. The computers are connected (MIDI) with 16 sampling-modules.

Artist Statement:

    By the growing possibilities of MIDI to automatize the performance of computer-music, more and more a concert-practice comes into being, where players are hardly really playing on the concert-platform and/or where players have a very reduced influence on the performance. This concert-practice is not very attractive for the public, which the composers/performers often try to compensate by adding visual elements such as video-images or light-effects. Because this does not seem a good solution to me, I began to develope a new, for public and players more attractive performance-practice for autonomous electronic music. The idea was to let many players play together in a very direct way (without keyboard) on computers with sound-modules.

    The performance exists of a concert with a computer-orchestra existing of 16 Atari-ST-computers. The computers are connected (MIDI) with 16 sampling-modules. 16 players are directly controlling the computers (without keyboard) with the help of for this purpose specially developed computer-programs.

    The function of the software is to control many MIDI-parameters of the modules with the mouse of the computer. You can freely choose 2 midi-parameters (notes, velocity, pichbend, modulation etc.) for the co-ordinates (x and y) of the mouse. These parameters are translated in midi-information. There is also information about start, length, repeat and stop from the timing-module. This module is controlled by the button of the mouse and the cursor-keys of the computer.


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