“Constructive Interference” by Paco Proano, David Fodel

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    Constructive Interference

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Artist Statement:

    Constructive Interference is a hybrid artwork that questions the boundaries between installation and performance, instrument and environment, system and situation. Artists David Fodel and Paco Proano use the notion of constructive interference, a concept rooted in wave dynamics, as a metaphor for the process of collaboration itself, and as a way of exposing individual and collective modes of experience and perception. The artwork tracks the movement of multiple gallery visitors, translating those actions into audible and visible feedback. A specially constructed multichannel sound system projects tuned harmonics through large-plate steel sculptural loudspeakers. The same harmonics are visually projected into the space using a three-projector set-up. The sounds and the images react to one other, and to the audience, who collectively create the ongoing experience.



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