“Continuum 1: Initiation” by Dean Winkler, Maureen Nappi

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    Continuum 1: Initiation

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Initiation is the first of four movements in the Continuum set created by Maureen Nappi and Dean Winkler. The underlying theme of Initiation is to elicit a state of suspension in a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual manner on the part of the viewer. With music by Philip Glass performed by the Kronos String Quartet, the four-part work-in-progress allegorically illustrates our life cycles utilizing a range of electronic imagery.

Technical Information:

    Silicon Graphics 3130 work stations
    Celerity 1260 rendering engines
    Sillicon Graphics CS-12 rendering engine
    Raster Tech one/80 frame buffer
    Quantel Paintbox and Harry with Rainbow
    Grass Valley Group Kaleidoscope digital video image processors
    Grass Vally Group GVG-300 switcher
    Abekas A-62 digital disk recorder
    CMX-3600 editing controller
    Sony DVR-1000 digital videotape recorders
    Sony DVR-10 digital videotape recorders

    Wavefront 3D animation software (Model, Preview and Image)
    Post Perfect object generation/interpolation software
    Quantel Ver. 4.16 operating system
    Kaleidoscope Ver. 4 Ob


    Video by Maureen Nappi & Dean Winkler
    Music composed by Phillip Glass, performed by the Kronos String Quartet, Nonesuch Records
    Wavefront support: Michael Limber, Lenny Donnel Alex Seiden & Andy White
    Compositing: Tim Farrel
    Software: Scott Gordon & Alex Seiden
    Images realized at Post Perfect, NYC
    copyright NAPPI / WINKLER



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