“Core Dump” by Francois Knoetze

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    Core Dump

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    Short film

Artist Statement:

    Core Dump explores the place of screens in global and localised politics and history, looking specifically at the contradiction of Silicon Valley’s techno-utopianism and its impact on the low-tech manufacturing bases of Africa. The project comprises a series of performances, projection-mapping video installations, and interviews that draw from audiovisual archives, early African cinema and the daily life of the city of Dakar. In contrast to the spectacle of technological  singularity and the Western myth of progress, Core Dump considers the connections, disconnections and multiplicity of utopia through conflicting scales of value and waste. The first iteration of the video piece was produced over the course of 3 weeks while on residency at Ker Thiossanne. It was presented during Afropixel 6 and forms part of the first chapter of the Digital Imaginaries project, ‘Non-Aligned Utopias’. The video presented at WAM is a work in progress that will be further developed in Kinshasa, DRC in July 2018 and at ZKM, Germany in November 2018.


    Support from Mouhamadou Lamine Barro Diene, Ker Thiosanne, ZKM, Afropixel, Digital Imaginaries, WAM.



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