Dan Tapper: Machines to Listen to the Sky

  • ©2013 - ongoing, Dan Tapper, Machines to Listen to the Sky


    Machines to Listen to the Sky

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Creation Year:

    2013 - ongoing


    VLF natural radio antennas

Artist Statement:

    Machines to Listen to the Sky is an ongoing project initiated in 2013 by Dan Tapper to repurpose Very Low Frequency (VLF) natural radio antennas into installations, sculptures and art objects. VLF is an area of the radio spectrum that contains signals propagating in Earth’s ionosphere such as lightning and the northern lights as well as emissions from celestial objects including Saturn and the Sun. The VLF band also contains interference from man-made electromagnetic activities. This installation combines images and sounds detailing the breadth of information found in the VLF spectrum as well as the machines and devices used to transduce VLF into audible forms.




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