Daniel Rozenhall, Johannes Bergmark, Fredrik Olofsson, Per Åhlund, Sören Runolf, Lina Selander: Fylkingen

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Artist Statement:

    Fylkingen has played an important role in the Swedish as well as in the international art world by presenting new currents within the arts and by bridging the gap between visual art and music. Since the ’60s it has been characterized by the explorations of experimental art and an interest in the possibilities opened up by encounters between various art forms and by collaboration.

    Today the Fylkingen society comprises some 180 artists active within a number of different areas of expression, from chamber music, electro-acoustic music, dance and video to performance, sound and visual art. From its founding until the ’50s, Fylkingen operated strictly as a society for chamber music. During the ’50s it introduced electro-acoustic music, a music genre still associated with the name Fylkingen. The experimental artistic climate of the ’60s brought about a significant turning point in Fylkingen’s history and Led to a more complex and multifaceted set of activities. It was above all at this time that Fylkingen established its position as advocate of radical and experimental art forms, for example by taking a stand against instrumental music and by presenting new currents within the arts. At ISEA2004 Fylkingen will present shows by Johannes Bergmark & Soren Runolf, Daniel Rozenhall, Line Selander, Per Ahlund & Fredrik Olofsson.

    Fylkingen was founded as a non-profit society in 1933 by a group of composers and musicians. The organization of the society includes a board of directors and a production group of active members, the shifting makeup of which has influenced Fylkingen’s programmes and artistic direction through the years.


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