Data Rape 2000 by Pete Kember

  • ©, Pete Kember, Data Rape 2000


    Data Rape 2000

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Artist Statement:

    Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom formed E.A.R. in 1990 as a solo and collaborative ensemble in order to pursue the more experimental work he had contributed to Spaceman 3 since the 1980’s. This performance uses as its source material and inspiration sounds from the sonic vocabulary of human existence. These include Domestic and Wild animals, Insects and Human voice sounds of different nationalities and genders. The performance also features a revolutionary type of sound and music generation called circuit bending. This process involves taking cheaply available electronic sound making toys and adding extra wires, knobs and switches to make new connections between parts of the internal circuitry and chips. This sends data and electronic signals to previously unrelated circuit-board points. Electronically, circuit bending provides some of the most astounding, consuming, interesting and surprising noises available. What’s more its available to anyone and it costs so little to explore.


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