“Favero, Stephen Sewell & Maurice Pagnucco – Scenario” by Denis Dale

  • ©, Denis Dale, Favero, Stephen Sewell & Maurice Pagnucco – Scenario
  • Image from jeffreyshawcompendium.com


    Favero, Stephen Sewell & Maurice Pagnucco – Scenario

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Scenario is a 360-degree, 3D cinematic installation whose narrative, inspired by the experimental television work of Samuel Beckett, is produced through interaction between the audience and humanoid characters with artificial intelligence (AI). The title is a Commedia dell’arte term for the way in which the dramatic action depends on how actors and audience interact. A female humanoid character has been imprisoned in a concealed basement, along with her four children by her father, who lives above ground with his daytime family. This underground family lead the audience on an exploration of the basement labyrinth in search of possible ways they can together resolve the mystery of the family’s imprisonment, and so effect their escape before certain death. A series of shadowy humanoid sentinels track the family and the audience, rapidly interpreting and responding to audience behaviour by means of a sophisticated AI system, and physically try to block the family’s escape at every turn, creating a narrative that evolves according to the physical interaction of humanoids and audience.
    Scenario is an experimental study for a research project supported under the Australian Research Council’s Fellowship and Discovery Project funding schemes.