Denise Doyle: Kritical Works in SL II

  • ©, Denise Doyle, Kritical Works in SL II
  • ©, Denise Doyle, Kritical Works in SL II
  • ©, Denise Doyle, Kritical Works in SL II


    Kritical Works in SL II

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Artist Statement:

    The Kritical Works in SL II exhibition has built upon, and extended, the first phase of the project and is a major exhibition showcasing artworks produced in, and for, Second Life (SL). As phase two of Kritical Works, this exhibition not only presents the SL island artworks and trans-locates them into a real-world gallery space, it also presents the virtual artists invited, while documenting and recording the inWorld curatorial process itself. This additional data offers a point of reflection that is critical to the understanding of the paradigm shifts occurring through digital technologies, and in particular, virtual worlds.

    With a focus on artistic and inWorld collaboration we invited a selection of artists to explore the physical space of the gallery and the virtual space of Kriti island in SL. Three existing works, Paul Sermon’s Liberate your Avatar, Lynn Hershmann’s L2 project, and Joseph DeLappe’s small Gandhi figure that was part of the Tourists and Travelers exhibition, are re-presented in the exhibition. Five new and adapted works are also presented: Taey Kim’s Strangers in the Neighbourhood, Jackie Morie’s Traceroutes, Jo Mills’s Dysmorphia II, Annabeth Robinson’s Gestalt Cloud, and Denise Doyle’s Meta-dreamer, a piece investigating digital materialization processes and virtual space. The staging of the artworks of Kritical Works in SL II in a gallery environment further explores the relationship between the virtual artist and curator and how new virtual practices are transforming creative opportunities in online and virtual worlds.


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