“Derivative Works” by Calum Gunn

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    Derivative Works

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    Audio-visual performance



Artist Statement:

    Is anything original any more? Can an artist create a completely singular work, free from outside influence? Derivative Works offers no answers to these questions. Drawing from a wide range of musical, timbral, methodological and ideological sources, Derivative Works takes the form of an audio-visual barrage, compressing complex rhythms into tight temporal spaces and offering neuro-linguistic diatribes. Shifting and groaning synths, triggered by an impossible drum machine. Inspirations: science fiction, gabba, object oriented philosophy, hardstyle, ui design, rubber, trap, native instruments, compressed air, open-mindedness, nike, rave, linn drum, history, candy, tr-808, matte black cars, computer music, recycling, time, guitars, cleanliness, careers, spatialisation, techno, strobe lights, family, automated testing.


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