“Deviator” by Lisa Schreiber, Kelli McCluskey

  • ©, Lisa Schreiber and Kelli McCluskey, Deviator



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Artist Statement:

    Prepare for citywide disruption as Australia’s notorious tactical media art group pvi collective takes over the streets of Darlinghurst. During the twilight hours, immerse yourself in an outdoor game experience and become an urban ‘deviator’, temporarily transforming the city into a playground. Your mission is to seek out 15 audio instructions hidden in public spaces and play as many of the games as possible. From ‘guerrilla pole dancing’ and ‘ring-a-ring-a-roses’, to ‘spin the bottle’ and ‘twister’, each instruction is an open invitation to explore public spaces in a new way, and deviate from the norm. Activating philosophies around revolution, Deviator will alter your perception of life in the city as you know it. Are you ready for some serious playtime?

    Devised by pvi collective. Produced by Kate Neylon. Remixes by Jason Sweeney. Deviator games voice overs by Kelli McCluskey. Designed by Sohan Ariel Hayes & Benjamin Forster.  Development by Steve Berrick & Chris McCormick. Programming by Chris McCormick. Technical Consultancy by Prof. Mark Billinghurst (hitlab NZ). Presented by Performance Space, ISEA2013 and the National Art School.

    pvi collective (Perth, AU) believe in the potential for art to create systemic change. We critically investigate contentious issues, play hard and creatively intervene. Team:



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