Dick el Demasiado, Pedro Buschi, Raúl Alberto Meza, Nicolas Del Porto, Diego Mariano Seoane, German Federico Roch: Festicumex

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Art Event Overview:

    Band members of Dick el Demasiado y sus Exagerados and Los Siquicos Litoraleños: Pedro Buschi, Dick el Demasiado, Raúl Alberto Meza, Nicolas Del Porto, German Federico Roch, Diego Mariano Seoane – with support by Arcangel, Andres Burbano and Brian Mackern.

    A person who has spent one night listening to cumbia music can claim he has been to heaven. Cumbia is a god sent honeybucket from Colombia. Expert in this, Dick El Demasiado has been working on the theme since his visit to La Ceiba in Honduras, one year after the Mitch hurricane, 1998. By now, one century later, he is considered the godfather (godfader) of the experimental, lunatic and digital cumbias, although he never ceases to try and confuse the experts and affiliates.
    Festicumex is the formal body of these musical presentations, and bands with very short but intense trajectories are usually the main course. In Dortmund this part will be played by German Federico Roch, Raúl Alberto Meza, Diego Mariano Seoane, Nicolas del Porto, Pedro Buschi and Dick El Demasiado in constantly changing formations! This is not a music festival, but you will dance, nor is it an anthropological workshop, but you will shift perspectives. Don’t think “Yes, Hip!”, think “Probably True!” imomus.com

    The concert is part of the Latin-American Forum conference panels.

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