“Double Negative” by Michele Spanghero

  • ©, Michele Spanghero, Double Negative


    Double Negative

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Artist Statement:

    Fusion of the Possible, Topographie de l’art, April 15 – June 15

    Sound sculpture, fiberglass, speaker, iron, wood, audio system, 30 x 40 x 25cm.
    Loop duration 12 min.
    Courtesy of gallery Alberta Pane, Italy

    A sound capsule is placed in a metal box on the wall. All the parts of the sculpture and the shelf are in a golden ratio.

    The loudspeaker sealed inside the capsule plays the acoustic modes of a room, multiplying them also in relation to the modes of the sculpture itself and further reverberating in the metal shelf.

    Two negative spaces are created, two voids that resonate with the specific frequencies of a room: the sound sculpture therefore contains the frequencies of a room and makes them its own.


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