“Arrival–Departure (2013)” by Dr Tom Carr

  • ©, Dr Tom Carr, Arrival–Departure (2013)


    Arrival–Departure (2013)

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Artist Statement:

    Art Plural Gallery, Singapore, and Streaming Museum are pleased to present a new public work by Spanish artist Tom Carr. Titled Arrival – Departure, the digital video shows silhouettes of urbanites ascending and descending an escalator within the frame of a pinhole. Arrival – Departure is touring Streaming Museum’s partnering public screens around the world. Arrival – Departure is a simple vignette of an instantly recognisable scene – of people riding escalators – that evokes contemplation of urban existence. They travel along the same path within the same space, and yet there is no communication. Depicting both the individual and the archetype, the silhouettes portray the universal condition of people in transit.


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  • 2013 Carr Arrival-Departure


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