“Duel” by Peter Desain, Henkjan Honing

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Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Interactive computer composition

Artist Statement:

    Composed by Peter Desain and Henkjan Honing, performed by Tom van der Loo and Jaap Pluygers

    Two characters, a duel
    deaf and blind to each other
    as intermediary, the computer precents a combat
    a duel seems unwanted reverse the movement!
    no winner, no looser a play

    Duel (1985, revised version 1987) is an interactive computer composition for two percussionists. The composition is the description of a process. A computer functions as an intelligent listening and prompting conductor. The percussionists are acousticaly separated, unable to hear each other. The computer directs them through the five phases that make up the composition. They will go from a non-coordinated repeated playing of their own pattern to playing one and the same pattern, originating from the unique characteristics of both patterns.

    The five phases are:

    1. Without each other (analyze patterns)
    2. Towards each other (make patterns of equal length)
    3. Against each other (make patterns synchronous)
    4. With each other (make patterns complementary)
    5. Together (make patterns the same)

Other Information:

    We’d like to thank Cor Jansen of Applica and Rob Hofmann for assisting with the design and construction of the hardware; and the Center for Art, Media and Technology, Utrecht for support and facilities.


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