“echo::system” by Daragh Byrne, Grisha Coleman, John Odurae

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Artist Statement:

    echo:system is a live performance and installation work lead by AME  (School of Arts, Media, and Engineering) faculty’s Grisha Coleman and a collaborative team of artists and researchers. The project is a response to our current environmental crisis caused by contemporary humans’ inability to reflect on our own impact to the natural world. The goals of the project are to create lasting, arts driven vehicles for cross-disciplinary research, curriculum advancement and community engagement amongst divergent collaborators on and off campus. The project is working with experts in dance, archeology, computer science, environmental humanities, design, music, media, and architecture in developing active and engaging mediated spaces which explore socio-cultural and ecological aspect of the desert Southwest. Other campus partners include Institute for Humanities Research (IHR), Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS), Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts (HIDA), and the ASU Art Museum. Off-campus partners and advisors include: Desert Botanical Garden, and Southwest Environmental Consultants (SWCA). echo::system has received seed funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation



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