“Ego – Spanglish” by Antoni Abad

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    Ego – Spanglish

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    May 27-July 23, Centre d’Art Cal Massó de Reus, Beep Collection: OriginsPublic event.

    Ego is a computer-based projection that uses drawing software that enables the computer to generate swarms of houseflies that buzz and flit around the space in random patterns.

    Every few minutes several dozen flies gradually group themselves to spell out a single English or Spanish word: “I,” “Me,” “Yo,” or some variant of the first-person singular. No sooner has the word become eligible, then the flies disperse and scatter to the far margins of the projection wall before reassembling once more.

    This work was presented in 2001 at the New Museum of NewYork https://archive.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/364

    [Source: https://www.beepcollection.art/antoni-abad]


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  • ISEA2022: Abad_Ego - Spanglish



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