“Electric Sheep” by Kayleigh Gemmell

  • ©, Kayleigh Gemmell, Electric Sheep


    Electric Sheep

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Artist Statement:

    Electric Sheep is a series of animated digital portraits that explore of the formation of a dialogue between the ‘subject’ of an art work and the ‘viewer’ of an art work. This established relationship between ‘subject’ and ‘viewer’ is purposefully disrupted through the portrayal of the subjects, who are so engrossed in the usage of their own technology, that they are unwilling or unable to engage with the viewers who stand directly before them. Electric Sheep is thus a commentary on the increasing dependence on technology as an accessible and constantly evolving form of communication. The animation and stylisation of the portraits are reminiscent of uniquely digital experiences facilitated by the digital platform; namely computer glitches and the fashionable applications and filters associated with popular new forms of communication.



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