Enrique Radigales, Gemma Deza: Ideal Word

  • ©, Enrique Radigales and Gemma Deza, Ideal Word


    Ideal Word

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Artist Statement:

    In Ideal Word text becomes image. The typographic characters become strokes of the drawing and are incorporated into the composition, stripping words of their meaning.

    The new typographic culture, the development of hypertext as a browsing model (specific usability), the prose of code or the compiling languages used by programmers are just a few examples of how the written word acquires prominence in digital environments.

    idealword.org provides a space for simulating artistic traditions within digital environments. It is a space where idealword.org items are mutually and happily sampled and redefined with the sole goal of confusing the technical genre.

    All the contents of idealword.org are implemented for [slow) dial-up and (fast) DSL or cable connections. Images larger than 100K are interwoven so that they progressively appear on the screen, thus relaxing the always-anxious viewer.

    The contents of idealword.org can be printed on-line, generating a physical version of their digital counterpart. Therefore, the user of digital environments gains a double artistic experience.


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