“Epiphany” by Ariadna Parreu

  • ©2021, Ariadna Parreu, Epiphany
  • ©2021, Ariadna Parreu, Epiphany
  • ©2021, Ariadna Parreu, Epiphany



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    Phantom plasma, mixed media.

Artist Statement:

    Epiphany is a project that spreads like wildfire. The app of the same name to deeply touch what we are always touching. The sculptural pieces are made of materials related to the screens of mobile devices, mirrors and costumes that were the plastic research for Instagram filters.

    Plasma as a mutable and transitional state. Ghost like an ectoplasmic sheet, between mucus and appearance, and cell phone screens are often greasy.

    Epiphany aims to delve into the concept of superficiality by working from the meeting point of skin and screen. The screen functions by reifying and codifying the materials that make up its users, mainly humans. It involves the semiotic-somatic structure generating minimal contact between skin and glass and the following layers that can be dismantled on both sides of this point, of this interaction as transference, transmission and transition of bodies, politics and emotions. A digital haptic speculation.

    App: Epiphany, Unity, 2021.
    Sculptures: Phantom plasma, mixed media. 2021


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  • ISEA2022: Parreu_Epiphany
  • ISEA2022: Parreu_Epiphany



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