Eri Suzuki: August 6, 1945

  • ©, Eri Suzuki, August 6, 1945


    August 6, 1945

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Artist Statement:

    This is a short documentary video about Setsuko Thurlow, a survivor of atom bombing. On August 6th, 1945, one of the worst horrors happened in history. Hiroshima became the first city in the world to be struck by an atomic bomb. At 8:15 in the morning, most of the city was destroyed, and estimates of the number killed outright have ranged upward from 70,000 to 200,000. Deaths from radiation injury have mounted through the years and the numbers of survivors have been on the decline. Setsuko will share her experience in Hiroshima and show how important to learn what happened to people there. By learning the fact, we will know about the results of the bomb and start thinking what we can do for stopping wars and avoiding another tragedy caused by nuclear bombs. What she’s saying is not only the past, but also it might happen in the future, as long as we keep nuclear weapons on the earth.


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