Eric Zoran: The Great Red Spot of Jupiter

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    The Great Red Spot of Jupiter

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Artist Statement:

    “Chaos is a science of process rather than state, of becoming rather than being.”  Nonlinear and unstable Systems, like turbulence for instance, are based on the modifications of an initial substance through the time. That substance generates a number of initial patterns that are immediately going to make their own clones. It again causes further alterations through the entire system making new (independent) reality. The form of this piece comes from the computer-structured turbulence that, as a randomized motion, shows by its nonlinearity that the act of playing the game has a way (in itself) of changing the rules.

    Four phases of the process have to be comprehended as musical movements. They form an emotional cycle consisting of usual reactions coming after the changes of prevailing conditions:
    I Unawareness
    II Resistance (Waterproof Harpsichord Harpsiproof Waterhord)
    III Anger
    IV Acceptance


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