Erina Kashihara: Light Extension

  • ©, Erina Kashihara, Light Extension
  • ©, Erina Kashihara, Light Extension
  • ©, Erina Kashihara, Light Extension


    Light Extension

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Artist Statement:

    I use new materials and new techniques for making forms of unchangeable beauty. It symbolized humans have something that are changeable and something that are not in time. Materials and techniques may become old, but I hope these forms will be understood in time. And together, I suggest to the audience how people may or may not choose to express themselves. My work doesn’t belong to art nor fashion. I think my work belongs between them. My work expresses anyone’s existence, who wears my work. This idea is different from art, which expresses the artist. And it is different from fashion, because fashion changes from with the stream of age. And these wearable sculptures, which display various patterns in response to anyone’s delicate motion, are creating another time flow and another space between anyone who wears it. This is how my idea is different from others.

Other Information:

    Photograph by Michael Taylor (2006)


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