Eve-Andrée Laramée, Tom Jennings: Invisible Landscape

  • ©, Eve-Andrée Laramée and Tom Jennings, Invisible Landscape


    Invisible Landscape

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Video, digital prints, lightbox sculptures (transparencies, lenses, LED lights, steel, plastic)

Artist Statement:

    Invisible Landscape is a collaborative installation concerning the Cold War “atomic” legacy: uranium mining and radioactive waste from the nuclear power industry and its ‘parent machine’, the nuclear weapons complex. The installation includes video projections and sculptures, digital photography, and light-box and sound sculptures. It is a mash-up of works by Laramée and Jennings, and includes components from Jennings’ installation ‘Rocks and Code’ and Laramée’s installations ‘Halfway to Invisible’ and ‘Slouching Towards Yucca Mountain’.