“Expose (revisited)” by Chloe Cheuk Sze Wing

  • ©2019, Chloe Cheuk Sze Wing, Expose (revisited)
  • ©2019, Chloe Cheuk Sze Wing, Expose (revisited)
  • ©2019, Chloe Cheuk Sze Wing, Expose (revisited)
  • ©2019, Chloe Cheuk Sze Wing, Expose (revisited)


    Expose (revisited)

Artist(s) and People Involved:


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    Thermo-kinetic light installation

Artist Statement:

    This is a thermo-kinetic light installation. An exposed crowd of unidentified people protesting under the sun is projected on a thin metallic rod, which is heated to a very high temperature. When anonymous water from the top drops on people on the rod, it transmutes into a luminous mist, dissolving them into vapour and air, without an end.

    The work particularly draws upon Cheuk’s distress about the 2015 occupy movement in Hong Kong, where the still recurring pattern is separation, union, and confrontation. Cheuk translates this pattern into a mechanistic and multi-sensory language, autoethnographically augmenting a seemingly innocuous object – a bar handle that caught her attention at the site, exposing and releasing helpless feelings of constant repression. Cheuk’s concern is the fundamental meaning of an object – its mutability and its implications for individuals and society, and with her tools for investigation—electronic devices, video recording, etc.—she extracts, abstracts, and makes palpable the recurring patterns of our day-to-day existence.