FG Radio: 2000 Global Tekno digital postcards

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    2000 Global Tekno digital postcards

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    Within ISEA2000, FG Radio proposes  ‘2000 Global Tekno digital postcards’, conceived in Avignon this summer for its participation to the international Beauty Event. Over 2000 visitors have discovered among other things its Digital Biosphere created by Saas Fee collective and were then able to invite themselves on a digital journey that has animated the Cite des Papes with the participation of many djs: L. Gamier, Jack de Marseille, Bob Sinclar, Carlo Mora, Les Micronauts, Rork, Kojak, M&M’s, Cedr’x, Matsa, Cedric Pigot, Peers, etc. The postcards created by Arthur Lecaron with MK2’s support mature into an impressionistic and exhaustive story of this millenar’s Global Tekno suggested by FG. Of an hour long, they are permanently available on the website radiofg.com.


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