“Fiat Lux (closing event)” by Jayoung Chung

  • ©, Jayoung Chung, Fiat Lux (closing event)
  • ©, Jayoung Chung, Fiat Lux (closing event)
  • ©, Jayoung Chung, Fiat Lux (closing event)


    Fiat Lux (closing event)

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Artist Statement:

    ISEA2019 Closing Performance and handover event

    Fiat Lux is an interdisciplinary performance creating a narrative of another start of a light at the closing ceremony of ISEA2019 which sheds light upon the theme Lux Aeterna (Eternal Light). The paradoxical relation between light and darkness is shown through the corollary generation of shadow from the creation of light. After the solar eclipse with which the light is temporarily concealed, the resurrection of light begins.
    Credits: Director/Video Jayoung Chung, Stage Management Geun Tae Park, Stage Lighting Junkwon Kim, Music Sangmin Park, Performers Banya lee, Seokyung Kook, Miso Lee, Daegeum (flute) Hwangchul Lim, Percussion Jiyoung Lim, Production Assistant Junyeop Kim, Video Mapping Assistants Hyejin Park, Sujin Lee.

    The event, and ISEA2019, will end with the handing over to the organisers of ISEA2020 from Montreal, Canada.

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  • 2019 Chung Fiat Lux (closing event)
  • 2019 Chung Fiat Lux (closing event)



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