“From the Edge” by Teresa Marie Connors

  • ©, Teresa Marie Connors, From the Edge
  • ©, Teresa Marie Connors, From the Edge


    From the Edge

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    Series of audiovisual installations

Artist Statement:

    From the Edge is one of a series of audiovisual installations by Teresa Connors that explores the environment of Newfoundland, Canada. The work expands on Connors’ use of environmental data-sets as an artistic device to create nonlinear artworks for public engagement. The creative system is coded to live-stream data off the SmartAlantic St. John’s Buoy, which is located 1 kilometre offshore of Cape Spear, NL. The buoy is capable of measuring and transmitting a variety of atmospheric and surface conditions, including surface temperature, wind speed and direction, wave height, period and direction, as well as ocean current speed and direction.

    From the Edge is coded to stream and parse these data-sets to trigger and shift parameters of this nonlinear work, which includes a visual particle system, audio and visual field recording material captured off this coast, a live streaming hydrophone feed from the St. John’s SmartBay Buoy and improvised musical motifs. Developed in Max/MSP, the work continually evolves depending on the transmitted measurements. This work builds on the author’s notion of Ecological Performative, which considers the context and creative process and the resulting artifacts as a responsive embodiment of larger structures of phenomena.




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