“Grand Theft Bicycle” by Steve Gibson

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    Grand Theft Bicycle

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Artist Statement:

    Experience the excitement, glamour, fear, violence and mayhem of a genuine Middle Eastern battle!

    Better yet, get your fat shooter-playing ass off the console and onto the revolutionary Borgcycle™, a sensor equipped bike that allows / forces users to get a heart-pounding workout while hunting down some baddies.

    Mount the Borgcycle™ and suddenly you are riding through a 3D recreation of a desert city. Choose between the roles of an insurgent, an invader or an onlooker. Change sides if you feel the urge! Ride through the chaos and join in on the hunt for the main targets: George Bush, Tony Blair, Steven Harper, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il (among others).

    Kick some lying white boy ass or take out some fascist terrorist woman haters! Your choice. Won’t it feel good to nail those bastards; and with the endorphins pumping hard on the Borgcycle™ you’ll experience the physical thrill of really being there.

    Grand Theft Bicycle is coming to a venue near you. Prepare to ride your way to victory!


    Justin Love: Programming

    ARRAY: Design and Artwork




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