“Grass, Scrub, Woodland, Fauna (Seven Sisters National Park Series)” by Katherine Melançon

  • ©, Katherine Melançon, Grass, Scrub, Woodland, Fauna (Seven Sisters National Park Series)


    Grass, Scrub, Woodland, Fauna (Seven Sisters National Park Series)

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Organic specimens

Artist Statement:

    In Grass, Scrub, Woodland, still life is created with organic specimens gathered at the Seven Sisters National Park in Brighton, England; in Fauna, a still life that expands and contracts indefinitely. The works from the Seven Sisters Series National Park Series act as animated scanograms.

Other Information:

    The Seven Sisters National Park (England) series is part of a larger ongoing project observing nature from specific locations. Informed by ‘psychogeography’ as coined by the Situationist and through investigating episodic and semantic memory, the resulting work acts as a mediated index of the locality of the visited terrain through the collection of materials gathered as evidence of the visit.

    The overall process involves discovering a location and, while there, gathering material. Next, I create a cameraless photograph employing the use of a scanner, scannograms, reconstructing a sensory memory of the location.