“Gridlock” by Richard Wright, Martyn Pick

  • ©1996, , Gridlock
  • ©1996, , Gridlock
  • ©1996, , Gridlock
  • Image 02, 03: video still from YouTube



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    2 minutes

Artist Statement:

    Gridlock is a unique blend of computer graphics, traditional animation, sex and violence. The piece is based on a series of vigorous graffiti style figures struggling with a computer generated mesh or cage. This is intended to bring together the spontaneity of traditional animation to the poise and control of computer animation, to create a tension between the grid and the creatures and their interaction. This approach is similar to William Blakes theory of the relation between energy and reason, as practiced in his engravings, where reason is embodied by line and energy by color and texture. This piece could be thought of as an equivalent in a modern medium. Technical Notes Gridlock was produced by video grabbing several sequences of hand drawn animated figures and rotoscoped film clips. These were combined with 3D and 2D computer animation and further processed, recolored and retimed. An interactive disk version of Gridlock produced in Director also exists and is available on the internet. An interactive TV program is also underway.



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