Hervé Graumann: Raoul Pictor Cherche son Style

  • ©, Hervé Graumann, Raoul Pictor Cherche son Style


    Raoul Pictor Cherche son Style

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Artist Statement:

    On the computer that is part of this installation, viewers see Raoul Pictor in his studio. The painter looks for inspiration, walks about, contemplates his work, dips his paint brushes in dripping paint pots and brushes the canvas in powerful strokes. He sometimes interrupts himself to consult a book or to improvise melodies on the piano. His daily routine is driven by the beat of his various activities. When he completes the painting, we see a copy emanating from a computer printout. Raoul Pictor completes an average of four paintings per hour while going to billions of proposals located in his memory.


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