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    After doing years of underground work organizing big scale events as Stealth Unit and making all sorts of electronic music with different projects, Robin Grotenfelt and Mikko Mantila decided to start experimenting with new sounds and new forms of thinking. This experiment ended up being Hetikohta – a musical journey which flashes feelings from both the nightclub dance floor and the living room sofa. With influences from early break-beat, house, disco and dub they’re combining electronic music with traditional live instruments and vocals. The list of collaborating artists and performers is long : “You always hear these crazy sounds in your head while making a song, for example a sax solo or funny percussion from a 70’s drum machine, and then you start thinking who’d be the best person to do the job”, explains Mikko. The guys are working on a full LP release, but before that there’s an EP coming out on nine2five recordings, a well-recognized Finnish indie label. During the last couple of years Hetikohta has established their status as steady and uplifting live act. Their performances include a show at the International Symposium on Electronic Art in Scandinavia, Asia Europe Art Camp in Indonesia and plenty of gigs around their country. Both Robin and Mikko are working on Bassoradio.com, the only true underground internet radio in Finland concentrating in bass-heavy music (now also on FM-frequency).


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