“How to Make an Ocean” by Kasia Molga

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    How to Make an Ocean

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Artist Statement:

    Each bottle contains Kasia’s tears and North-Sea algae accompanied by a date, a reason for crying and the name of hosted algae. There is a log of her diet from the period of the research, accompanied by a log of presence of chemical elements (N, P, K) important for healthy growth of algae. These elements can be regulated by diet. The artist wanted to know how she could use her bodily waste to care for the environment, which we have destroyed? The main question she posed here was: “Can I look after my physical and mental health in order to be of “use” to other life forms? Or can environmental health be an indicator of our own health?”

    From Winter of 2019 until recently Kasia has been collecting her tears – first when she cried after losing 3 loved ones in the Autumn 2019. Then, with the start of COVID-19 she “trained herself” to cry in order to relieve her anxiety. This led to her exploring the chemical composition of human tears to see how they could make a healthy tiny marine ecosystem. To use her own tears to host a sea life became a form of catharsis and a constructive way to deal with personal and also then environmental loss

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