“I Am Not a Robot” by Pascal Dombis

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    I Am Not a Robot

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      Fusion of the Possible, Topographie de l’art, April 15 – June 15

      Algorithmic video installation
      Screen: 0.95 x 1.70 m (with computer)
      Production credit for video software: Claude Micheli
      Courtesy of the artist and Adagp, Paris.

      Merging and confronting AI generated human faces with real ones. For this installation, Pascal Dombis collected thousands of images of faces, half belonging to real humans, the other half being generated by artificial intelligence. From this base of faces, he develops an algorithmic distribution system which mixes these images randomly by juxtaposing them, blending them into one another, hybridizing them, while producing flickers and glitches. This infinite video stream, without any beginning or any end, is projected on 3 vertical screens and questions the relationship between man and machine.
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    • 2023 Dombis I Am Not a Robot
    • 2023 Dombis I Am Not a Robot


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