“Ignis II, 2021” by Diane Drubay

  • ©, Diane Drubay, Ignis II, 2021


    Ignis II, 2021

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Artist Statement:

    14 sec towards carbon neutrality or the point of no return With this new series, Diane Drubay plays with colour-psychology to create an immersion that is both fascinating and shattering. She takes the viewer into an idealized vision of a world where interference colours cover the sky, creating a subjugating sense of calm. In this piece, seconds become years. Gradually this mesmerizing world is being transformed into a darker, but equally fascinating vision.

    14 seconds to experience the metamorphosis of utopia into dystopia. 14 years to reach carbon neutrality or the point of no return. Her speculative visions are drawn by the aesthetics of social science fiction literature and current climate science discoveries. She advocates for optimistic images interpreting shocking stories of possible futures.




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