“In the Gray” by Roomtone

  • ©, Roomtone, In the Gray
  • ©, Roomtone, In the Gray
  • ©, Roomtone, In the Gray
  • ©, Roomtone, In the Gray


    In the Gray

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Virtual Reality and Video Installation, computer, Oculus Rift, projector, speaker




    dimensions variable

Artist Statement:

    While humans are dreaming, the physical human body exists, but does not ‘exist’ in our perception. Human consciousness constantly moves back and forth between the boundary. During this process, we experience surreal and random senses in the virtual space called a dream, and it symbolizes an aspect of unpredictable possibilities of humanity.
    In the Gray is a Virtual Reality film that probes into the relationship between error and humanity in human dreams so that artificial intelligence can perfectly mimic mankind. The title ‘Gray’ symbolizes a variable area that cannot easily be dealt with in a world where black and white are clear-cut and that there are numerous random layers that exist between clarity and obscurity. This work depicts a conversation of artificial intelligence and a dreaming human being in the beginning, and it unravels the contemplation on ‘humanness’ that is illustrated through error and incompleteness in virtual reality.

    This artwork was created with the support of ZER01NE.


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