“Incompatible Elements: Version 02” by Leon Cmielewski, Josephine Starrs

  • ©, Leon Cmielewski and Josephine Starrs, Incompatible Elements: Version 02


    Incompatible Elements: Version 02

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Artist Statement:

    If the earth beneath our feet could speak … Incompatible Elements: version 02 re-presents the relationship between nature and culture by reconfiguring land as active rather than neutral, verbal rather than mute, and therefore able to comment directly on the impacts of climate change. Building on the long tradition of artists combining text and image to communicate ideas and concepts, poetic texts are digitally embedded into satellite images of landscapes in crisis. In each digital print and video these texts reveal themselves dynamically, growing out of the landscape in different ways, the text design and method of reveal reflecting the qualities of the landscape. The focus is the Asia-Pacific region, with texts sourced from local custodians or appropriate works of literature.


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