Inmi Lee, Kyle McDonald: Mother

  • ©, Inmi Lee and Kyle McDonald, Mother
  • ©, Inmi Lee and Kyle McDonald, Mother
  • ©, Inmi Lee and Kyle McDonald, Mother



Artist(s) and People Involved:




    OpenFrameworks, Xbox Kinect, video, 3D printer


    dimensions variable

Artist Statement:

    Mother is a series of generative sculptures that explore synesthetic connections between language and form by analyzing hand gestures that represent the participants’ interpretations of unfamiliar spoken words. The gestures of the participants were captured in 3D using a Kinect, interpreted with openFrameworks, and printed with a rapid prototyping machine. In contrast to the unrecorded spoken language, which is ephemeral, the language that is printed three-dimensionally becomes embodied in a physical form. In this work, the human translator is replaced by a computer. The concept of translation is thus stretched, expanded, and re-contextualized, providing a flexible way to see and experience language through a work of art.



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