Ivika Kivi, Dagmar Kase: ID Communications

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    ID Communications

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Artist Statement:

    ID Communications is an interactive installation which also works as a welcoming gate to one of the ISEA2004 exhibitions in Tallinn. In fact, it could also serve as an entry point to the Tallinn part of ISEA2004 – for visitors coming from the ferry, the Rotermann Salt Storage warehouse is the first ISEA2004 venue you will encounter. ID Communicationsexpresses stories about Estonian identity. The visitor steps onto one of the twenty stars on the ground and starts a dialog between two monitor ‘heads’ of the artists. Each star represents one of the European Union membership countries. The dialog between the two artists reflects on the new situation of joining the EU. As a consideration to visitors from other EU countries, the artists provide them with some information about Estonian culture – how to speak Estonian and how to behave according to the local customs. The artist-group ID have been inspired by the EU law which obligates the members to honour the customs, languages and culture of the other states. The goal of the artists is not to become like the other EU members, but to explore and study their culture as is befitting to a new member of the union. The authors acquired information about the various EU nations mainly from the web, adding a little conviction into the fragmented mix of information gathered.

    ID was founded in summer 2001 by Estonian multimedia artists Ivika Kivi and Dagmar Kase.


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