Jakob Draminski Hojmark, Jørgen Teller: The H.A.L.I. Configuration

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    The H.A.L.I. Configuration

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Performs duo pieces from THE H.A.L.I. CONFIGURATION: Bass clarinet & electric guitar with direct MIDI control of AKAI/EPS-samplers (o.a. tuned microtonally and using grain-synthesis) & effects processors. “SAMPLIFIED”; 35 minutes piece in 5 movements “HOW TO MOVE A H.A.L.I YARD”; 30 minutes piece in 3 movements. The pieces expanding sound material uses 12,19,24,31 & 53 tones in the octave. The original sounds for the pieces are programmed into the 2 samplers, so they continuously can be modulated and move inside the speaker-set-up via the bass clarinets and the el. guitars MIDI-interfaces. The harmonic and melodic material is developed on the basis of the relation between the digital microtonal and the analogue diatonic instrumentarium/gearium.


Technical Information:

    Jorgen Teller; Cazio MIDIguitar w. EPS-sampler, DP-4 effect w. realtime ctrl., distortion, “wah”.

    Jakob Draminsky Hojmark; Bass clarinet with IVL-pitchrider to AKAI S-1000-sampler, ZOOM 9030 effect w. realtime ctrl.


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